Photo Manipulation – Drowning Age

Project Breif

A quick project to create an artwork using photoshop manipulation techniques. The theme was “Climate Changes.”


I picked four animals and then found some reference images. Later I used illustrator to trace the animals and draw vector shapes to create the outline for the animals. After that, I added the landscapes that match the environment of the creatures. In the final stages, the necessary information on the stamps like price, year, and names.

Art Statement

The title “Drowning Age” is referring to an era when the earth sank. Due to significant climate change, the world is falling slowly. There will a time come when most parts of the planet will go underwater.

The artwork was inspired by “The Six Ages of the World,” which is a historical periodization of earth. The six ages of history, with each period lasting about 1000 years. We may enter a stage of a new age when the surface is gone underwater. The artwork was also inspired by a film called “Waterworld,” released in 1995. The movie shows that in the distant future, the polar ice cap has completely melted, and the sea level has risen over 25000 feet. The earth is nearly covered by water.

The artwork takes a critical view of significant environmental issues. It is an illustration of what is going to happen and gives a message to human society to take responsibility and proper measurements.

The artwork shows the age of the earth when it is gone underwater. The pyramid is one of the world’s wonders men ever built. The pyramid shows the significance of the problem. It carries a vital message in the artwork of how our actions as humans will affect the environment. The turtle is an animal known to live for hundreds of years and survive all disasters. We should learn from its start to adapt to the situation and make it better.

The drowning men mean if we do not start to act for climate change, what will happen to humanity. The fish in the artwork shows how beautiful the earth is. Yellow is the color of hope. So, the fish also gives us hope. I hope that the artwork gives us the message to take care of our planet. Together we can make it better.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop