The 10 best electrical apps on smartphones

Turn your smartphone into your bot assistant for all the computations, conversion, and simulations you need to solve

10 best electrical apps

Let us face it! Smartphone have become such an integral part of our smart lives that we don’t know what we could do without them. As electrical engineering students, hobbyists, technicians, interns, graduate engineers and senior engineers we love to have our fun with the best smartphones in the room; because we of all people should know what sets a good smartphone aside. But what if your smartphone can help get the job done? With the best electrical app on smartphones, you can now get all the aid you need when computing for values and designing circuits and from a reliable partner too, one that will not abandon you when you need them the most.

10 of the most amazing electrical apps that you can install on your smartphone

1. ElectroDroid

This is the app you always wanted; it is so resourceful your only regret will be why you did not get it like yesterday. Asides from the good look the ElectroDroid offers you the following calculators. Head to the Google Play Store to get the latest version of this app and enjoy the following features for free then you can upgrade to pro version which gives you access to more options. Sorry iOS enthusiasts this is only supported for Android for now.

  • Star Delta & delta star transformations
  • Battery life
  • Required resistor for LED circuit
  • Ohms law
  • Capacitance
  • Resonance /reactance, Power
  • SMD resistor code
  • Operational amplifier
  • This list goes on and on. This is simply one badass app for electrical engineers

2. Droid tesla

Making use of the same famous SPICE algorithm here is the evolved android version of the Droid Tesla from Google Play Store simulation program to help you analyze, and simulate run your electrical circuits before you try them out in real life. Finally here is an app the could save you the money and time you would otherwise have wasted building a real circuit that will not work at all. Here are some of the circuits you can experiment on with this simulator. This is a great circuit simulation app that actually works like the real simulation computer software with many option and ability to solve both linear and non-linear circuits. You can try the app for free or use the pro version that has more options.

  • Inductive
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors
  • Diode
  • Logic gate
  • Many others in pro version.

3. EveryCircuit

When you were learning or practicing circuit design as an electrical engineering student, this app is your specialist for all the various circuits. You might want to learn how it all works and how to design an electrical circuit and this can supplement your course work perfectly and help you grasp the concepts more easily. Also as a pro, you may want to take a refresher course to sharpen your circuit design skills. Below are the circuits that you can build with EveryCircuit from Google Play Store.

  • Logic gate
  • Capacitor circuitry
  • Amplifier circuit
  • Flashing LED
  • Inductor circuit
  • Resistive

4. Lessons In Electric Circuits

The thing is, this is more of a book than it is an application complete with entire chapters and even experiments to carry out! Hey, how much harm can reading an electrical engineering book on your smartphone do? Or if it’s engineering weekend and you haven’t had time to pick up reading material from the library, and you are looking for a reference as you study for that upcoming test, good luck! Download the Lessons In Electric Circuits from the Google Play Store and read on the following areas;

  • Volume I – Direct Current
  • Volume ii – Alternating Current
  • Volume III – semiconductors
  • Volume IV – Digital electronics
  • Volume V – references
  • Volume VI – experiments

5. Digi-Key

One from the largest electronic shop, Digi-Key will help you shop for electronics online and place orders from your smartphone and even verify received packages from the store. For you next project this is the go to shop for all your parts with complete spec sheets and data sheets available for you to know exactly what components you are buying. This app is great for shopping with Digi-Key online and will help you get all the parts you need right.

6. Electrical technology

Electrical Technology is an offline android based applications that you can use at any time without any need for internet connection to solve engineering computations and problems. In addition to the calculator algorithms, this app comes with some informative literature that you can read and become knowledgeable on the go. The best part is of course that the electrical and technology app is free so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out saving for storage space. For students, this would make a great educative app in your smartphone. Among the key calculators built into this app are;

  • Advance voltage drop
  • Capacitor
  • Battery size
  • Wire and cable size in AWG
  • LED circuit Resistor value
  • IC 555 Timer

7. iCircuit

This is an app that will help you to try out and conduct tests on your electrical circuits before you go out and buy the parts. iCircuit will make sure you have the right values for your resistors and other components to create a reliably functional circuit. iCircuit is available on iTunes and Google Play store comes with many Computer Aided Design feature and the advanced ability to simulate the circuit as it would run in real life. It comes with many features including MOSFETS and is available for both android and iOS.

8. Electronic Toolbox Pro

This comprehensive iOS based electrical application for making calculations and referring to charts and general information that electrical engineers require on a daily basis. You can enjoy using more than 75 tools all in one Electronic Toolbox Pro app you can download from iTunes. Everything from ASCII table to Varrator Diode calculation
Perhaps the biggest advantage of this app is the wide variety of tools in its arsenal and the ability to access most of them offline.
This app is not available to you on android, sorry.

9. Electrical formulator

The ultimate electrical engineering problem solver, Electrical Formulator from iTunes App Store, comes with informative charts and formulas to solve day-to-day electrical problems you may encounter in the professional and student life. Also, you can familiarize with the standards of industry in your state and nationally. This app can help you solve nearly any common electrical problem is definitely one app you should have on your iPhone. Among the key feature is are the following information and automated calculations

  • Batteries and battery life
  • BTU converter
  • Wiring solutions
  • Generators
  • Ohm’s law

10. Electrical Wiring lite

A great smartphone app for Electricians, Engineers and other Electrical Professionals. Great for all those design build projects w/ HP only info. No need to look @ 3 different NEC articles anymore.

  • Residential load
  • Wire sizing for ground
  • Conduit fill
  • Calculates voltage drops
  • Demand load in VA and A
  • Wire sizes
  • More in Pro version

Final verdict

The best electrical app for your smartphone depends on what you intend on using it for. For instance, when it comes to circuit simulation you will find the Droid Tesla and iCircuit invaluable.

I hope you liked the apps on this list and please leave a comment on anything that may have been left out in the description of each app and also share your thoughts and experience with the use of electrical apps on your smartphone.

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